Shave Mob Review: High Quality Razors at a Discount Price

Shave Mob Review: High Quality Razors at a Discount Price

Even though some girls don't mind, I'm one of those girls who shave throughout the year. Yes, I know I'm not wearing shorts or showing off skin in a bathing suit, but it makes me feel more beautiful and special to have smooth skin throughout the year. The problem with shaving throughout the year, however, is that I am constantly buying replacements for my Venus razor. As anyone who uses Venus razors know, these heads can very quickly get expensive, leaving you coughing up quite a bit of money each year. As I was getting ready to head out and buy more razors, I was approached by a new company who offers high quality razors at up to 70% less than the price of premium razor brands – Shave Mob.

Shave Mob: Who Are They

Looking for razors that give you a quality shave without the high price tag? If so, we think you will love Shave Mob. With this company, you can get high quality razors and save up to 70% off the cost of your razors, allowing you to put money toward other important things in life. Many of these razors work just like your favorite brands, and cost about $2 – $3 per razor. As well, you never have to pay for shipping, membership fees, or remember to cancel the service to avoid your credit card being charged. You buy the package you need, allowing you to have exactly what you want when it comes to your razors!

Shave Mob: The Shave

At the end of the day, only one thing matters when it comes to razors, the actual shave. I have tried razors in the past that claimed to save me money, only to find that they left my legs covered in lots of little cuts, or worse – razor burn. To me, a good razor has nothing to do with cost, but on how amazing your skin looks and feels after you shave. I actually tested Shave Mob for the first time while I was traveling, and used both Dove soap and shaving cream to test the razors. I was surprised that it did a great job shaving with both types of soaps, leaving me without cuts. This was especially impressive since I used their 6 blade razors on my legs and underarms.  With how amazing my legs and underarms looked after my save, I have to say I am very impressed!

Shave Mob 1

Shave Mob: Overall

I have to say, I was very impressed with Shave Mob. My legs not only looked awesome, but were cut free, something that I can't even claim for most of the popular razors. Based on the great price and quality of razors, I am happy to give Shave Mob an A+ rating. If you are in the market for high quality razors at only a fraction of the cost of what is available in most big box retailers, I recommend giving this service a try!

Shave Mob: Where to Purchase

Would you like to purchase some of these awesome razors for yourself or take advantage of their monthly service? Make sure to head over to the Shave Mob website & check out these amazing razors for both men and women!  Once you have tried them, you will see why everyone loves them!

Shave Mob razors

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5 Responses to Shave Mob Review: High Quality Razors at a Discount Price

  1. Emilee says:

    I have so many problems with razors! My skin is so sensitive, so I have always hated paying a lot just to find out the razor wouldn't even work for me! I will definitely have to check out Shave Mob.

  2. Jasmine P says:

    I want to try this!

  3. Mary V says:

    Wow, there are sites for everything.  But good razors are important and irritate the skin less.

  4. Mark says:

    I find it interesting that both Shave Mob and Dollar Shave Club blades are interchangeable.  The handles are designed differently but their respective blades will fit the other's handle.  Interesting.

  5. Bruce B. says:

    I've been using Fusion for a few years, had only 1 nick in all that time. Just got a Shave Mob Caveman, got a small nick on Day 1. Close shave, but a little tuggy.

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